The zone of revealing dreams

The problem with going to bed in the middle of the night is that that is the “zone” reserved for revelatory dreams and, as you will understand, your mind cannot deal with its normal vital activity at that time, which is the key time, because it is in busyness in anything else less or not… Continue reading The zone of revealing dreams

Cuba: the oblivion of an archipelago

Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge is a 360 acre island in the Mona Passage off the west coast of Puerto Rico. Although it is a relatively small island, the terrain is mountainous and rugged with semi-deciduous dry forest and grassland. Because of the porosity of the soils and the steep topography, there is no permanent freshwater… Continue reading Cuba: the oblivion of an archipelago

Fake Meat Company Sees Sales Plummet as Consumers Reject Wokeness

Beyond Meat, the famous plant-based meat replacement company, is facing slumping sales. While there is much speculation as to the cause of the decline, Deloitte Consulting suggests associating fake meats with “wokeness” may be a chief reason. As Bloomberg reports: “Now, after once enjoying double-digit growth, sales in the plant-based meat category are not just flat but declining, according to data from Information Resources Inc., or IRI. That’s due to possible saturation of the US market as new brands hit the shelves, according to Deloitte Consulting LLP.” While that’s one possible solution Deloitte offers, they also suggest another: wokeness. “Deloitte