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Cuba: the oblivion of an archipelago

Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge is a 360 acre island in the Mona Passage off the west coast of Puerto Rico. Although it is a relatively small island, the terrain is mountainous and rugged with semi-deciduous dry forest and grassland. Because of the porosity of the soils and the steep topography, there is no permanent freshwater… Continue reading Cuba: the oblivion of an archipelago

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla flees in terror from Rebel News journalists

From: Rebel News | January 18, 2023 By Ezra Levant and Avi Yemini This video has now been BANNED on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The WEF wants it scrubbed, and their lackeys are happy to oblige. Thank you @elonmusk for not caving. 7.3M views and counting. The public want answers. MORE: — Avi Yemini… Continue reading Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla flees in terror from Rebel News journalists

FBI Admits It Meddles In ‘Numerous Companies,’ Not Just Twitter

The FBI is trying to spin the ‘Twitter Files’ revelations of their election-meddling as normal procedure. That makes it look even worse.

Dear Establishment Republicans: If You Won’t Step Up To The Challenge Of Saving Our Nation, Step Down

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthyEstablishment Republicans who refuse to listen to voters’ wishes should make way for real conservatives who will get the important jobs done.

Musk Admits Twitter ‘Has Interfered In Elections’

I'm in tech – NOTHING about Hunter's laptop looked like a "hack and leak" campaign. Review the facts. The owner of the computer repair shop had receipts and acted like a whistleblower from the start, attempting to reach out to authorities. The content itself was so overwhelming on volume that it's utterly implausible that a intelligence agencies would be able to create that much fake content. We are talking hundreds of gb of messages, pics, emails, docs etc etc. Once the chain of how the laptop got to the shop was verified, the notion that it was hacked or an intel operation had no legs either. None. In fact, there was no reason to believe this was not Hunter's laptop at any moment. It wasn't confusing, there weren't conflicting signals. Rather, it was just unfavorable to Joe Biden.

Google Gives Millions To Boost Leftist Disinformation Peddlers Of Legacy Media

Strategically its best to have your opponents concentrated in one location. I would love to see a right of center organization flyspeck whatever comes out of the newly fortified Poynter Institute.

The real story of Thanksgiving | Rush Limbaugh, Final Telling

A few months before passing, Rush Limbaugh followed a yearly tradition by recounting for his audience what really happened with the Pilgrims and their beginnings in the New World Transcript of The real story of Thanksgiving | Rush Limbaugh – Nov 24, 2020 RUSH: So, my second book was See, I Told You So. The… Continue reading The real story of Thanksgiving | Rush Limbaugh, Final Telling

YouTube Censored User After He Published Democrats’ 2016 ‘Stolen Election’ Claims

Matt OrfaleaYouTube deleted the video comparing Trump’s statements questioning the 2020 election results to Democrats questioning the 2016 contest.

Eyewitness Stories To The First Thanksgiving From The OG Pilgrims

Thanksgiving pilgrimsThese accounts of the first Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation in 1621 are, according to Pilgrim Hall Museum, the only two available primary sources about the event. Thanks to the “Brief History of Power” podcast for the source material. Listen to last year’s reading of original historical sources on Thanksgiving on that podcast here. Here’s Edward […]