Almost a dream come true

Seeing is believing, like Thomas

You can count on me, at least, from now on when someone says they don’t believe in God because they don’t see Him, I won’t believe such an atheist. First because Jesus said to Thomas in an appearance before his apostles: “Blessed are those who believe in him without having seen my father”; but above… Continue reading Seeing is believing, like Thomas

Cuban espionage in the USA

The eye of Cuban espionage: Cuban avocado espionage The usefulness and effectiveness of the system and the entire “intelligence” apparatus of the Cuban regime is a matter of elementary human logic. Let’s say that the remains of an explorer found in the rich tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs prove that that lucky one? adventurer learned… Continue reading Cuban espionage in the USA

While MLK calling for a color blind society Mao called on his RED Guards to go after the BLACK Class

By: Xi Van Fleet | (@XVanFleet)