Reading between the lines of the word of God

Does anyone really represent God on Earth Author Omar Santana, Cuban
Does anyone really represent God on Earth Author Omar Santana, Cuban

I often read the writing about the day of Jesus’ resurrection.

Because I realized that when I read it, new things come to mind each time about God and his doctrine and his teachings. Today I saw the detail of the horticulturist. The person Mary Magdalene believed, for a moment, was Christ.

And it is also very important to tell those who pass by that page that there was a brave man, a businessman, who paid to have the right to take care of Jesus’ corpse, despite the danger he was in due to the unbelieving Jews. . And he did it in accordance with the most rigorous rule and respect for tradition.

Those quiet heroes, of which there are thousands in the sacred scriptures, are chosen by God, I think. And they are chosen not only to fulfill a certain task, but they surely enjoy eternal life next to God the Father. So that we know today, also today, that we are supported when we accomplish God’s work.

Despite the multitudes of unbelievers and profiteers, who threaten the healthy balance of Humanity, we should never give up in following and propagating the word and teachings of God. There is much left to do, and we can receive ideas by reading the holy word very carefully and without prejudice. Meditating on its meaning. Reading between the lines.

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