Left-Wing “Journalist” Keith Olbermann Explodes in Rant Posted from His Dog’s Account Following Twitter Suspension

The fourth little pig's house was made of wolf skulls. They aren't very sturdy but they send a message.
The fourth little pig’s house was made of wolf skulls. They aren’t very sturdy but they send a message.
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By Sterling Mosley – December 20, 2022
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Left-wing “journalist” Keith Olbermann was suspended from his Twitter account on Friday following sweeping changes from Twitter CEO Elon Musk. The suspension forced Olbermann to post his rant about the suspension to the social media platform via his dog’s Twitter account.

The unshaven, unkempt Olbermann posted a rant video to his “Keith Olbermann’s Dogs” account following the suspension.

“I don’t know if this got publicity anywhere but apparently I have been permanently banned from Twitter by Elon Musk,” Olbermann told his followers. “For not doing something he claimed he would never ban anybody for doing.” 


“What a friggin’ candy-ass, lying, hypocritical, self-contradicting, little, paranoid snowflake that ‘Apartheid Clyde’ really is,” Olbermann exclaimed, adding that many other journalists were also suspended from the platform.

“It was the baptism scene from The Godfather movie and we all got whacked by Elon Muskleone,” he argued, adding that Musk did it to distract from former President Donald Trump announcing the release of collectible cards earlier in the week.


Musk banned Olbermann and other journalists for doxxing his location on the internet which led to threats to himself and his family. On Thursday, Musk explained that “criticizing me all day long is totally fine, but doxxing my real-time location and endangering my family is not.”

The Twitter CEO, however, reversed course after pushback and a public poll that he conducted on his Twitter account which asked users whether or not he should “unsuspend accounts who doxxed my exact location in real-time.”

Users voted 58.7 percent to 41.3 percent to unsuspend the various accounts that were suspended and the Twitter CEO, who took over the social media giant in October, apologized for making the policy change without public input.

“Going forward, there will be a vote for major policy changes,” he tweeted. “My apologies. Won’t happen again.”

While Musk continues to make policy changes for the future success of Twitter, people like Keith Olbermann are more willing to call him names rather than show some compassion and understanding for potentially endangering Musk’s family.

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