Governor Ron DeSantis Rewards Police Officers With Huge Bonuses

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By Megan Benton | October 18, 2022

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Earlier this week, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) announced he would give six new law enforcement recruits significant bonuses to support new recruitment efforts. Three of these six officers came from blue states, according to a statement given out by the governor’s office.

Gov. DeSantis met with these six officers at Cape Coral Police Department in Lee County Florida. “I am happy to be able to hand deliver six recruitment bonuses to new officers at the Cape Coral Police Department,” Gov. DeSantis publicized. “We are glad these officers chose to bring their talents to the law enforcement profession in Florida. The heroism all our officers displayed when responding to Hurricane Ian is yet another example of why we must always back the blue,” he continued.

These bonuses come from House Bill 3, which Gov. DeSantis supported and the legislature passed in the last session. The bill allocated 20 million dollars to law enforcement for recruitment and retention efforts. The ‘Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Payment Program’ encourages more individuals to become members of law enforcement.

“We’ve honored the people that wear the uniform, since the first day I became governor and we were fighting back against a lot of people throughout our country that were attacking law enforcement, and saying that they should be defunded and marginalized and we never bought into that in the state of Florida.”

“In fact, we passed legislation ensuring that a local government cannot defund the police in the state of Florida, and so those are the right things to do,” DeSantis commented during a press release at Cape Coral Police Department.


“We understand the vital role that law enforcement plays, in a situation like this of course because if you look at the people who were helping rescue folks, you had police officers, sheriffs deputies, you had state agencies, coast guard, I mean it really spanned, national guard, it spanned the gamut. It was really really well done,” he commented, praising Florida Law Enforcement’s response to Hurricane Ian.

After lauding Florida Law Enforcement’s response to the devastating hurricane, DeSantis continued by explaining that vigorous law enforcement is important to communities, “You want to have safe streets, you want to have safe communities, that used to be something in this country that we universally expected and had in most places.”

“Now you’ve seen that really erode, particularly over the last few years. You have some places in this country that are operated almost like third world countries with the crime, just totally out of control and what happens is when that happens, the whole society starts to fray,” DeSantis explained.

With the midterms quickly approaching, a strong police force will surely be an issue in the voters’ minds. The voters of Florida can rest assured that Gov. Ron DeSantis believes in law and order.

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