Debate Night with Donald J. Trump – Tucker Carlson

Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson (Video screenshot)
Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson (Video screenshot)

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It’s debate night but we’re not in Milwaukee.
Mr. President, thanks for joining us thank you. Why aren’t you at the Fox News debate tonight in Milwaukee?

Well you know a lot of people have been asking me that, and many people said you shouldn’t do them but you see the polls have come out and I’m leading by 50 and 60 points and you know some of them are at one and zero and two and I’m saying: do I sit there for an hour or two hours whatever it’s- going to be- and uh get harassed by people that shouldn’t even be running for president? Should I be doing that uh and a network that isn’t particularly friendly to me.

Frankly you know they uh they were back in run to sanctimonious like crazy and now they’ve given up on him I mean he’s it’s a lost cause. It reminded me very much of 2016.

You know in 2016 I went through the same stuff and had to fight them all the way and then they became very friendly after I won or just about when I was winning but I just felt it would be more appropriate not to do the debate. I don’t think it’s right to do it uh if you’re leading by 50, 60.

I have one problem leading by 70 points and I’m saying why am I doing it and I’m going to have eight people 10 people whoever made the debate I don’t know how many it is but I’m going to have all these people screaming at me shouting questions at me all of which I love answering I love doing but it doesn’t make sense to do them so uh I’ve taken a pass as you probably noticed I I did.

I’m grateful that you did. It’s interesting though because you spent a lot of your career in television yeah you would a top show in television on NBC um but you don’t feel the need now running for president to do television obviously do you think television is declining…

Well according to a poll that I guess we just saw it just came out where it’s down like 30, 35% but I think they were talking referring to Cable I think Cable’s down because it’s lost credibility.

MSNBC -or as they say msdnc- is so bad, it’s so wrong what they write right and what they do and what they say it’s you know it’s fake news as I said I think I

came up with that term I hope I did because it’s a good one it’s not tough enough anymore it’s corrupt news you know really what you do is called corrupt news (but somehow that doesn’t play as nicely) but uh it is corrupt news, so you have uh MSNBC and you have CNN who’s absolutely doing no ratings at all I mean they’re dead but they’re doing none because they don’t have credibility they really don’t have credibility.

Fox is way down as you know and and uh the good old days are are long ago I will say this uh it could come back but they have they just don’t have a lot of credibility.

Tucker you know that perhaps better than anybody I think it was a terrible move getting rid of you you were number one on television and all of a sudden you’re we’re doing

this interview but we’ll get bigger ratings using this crazy Forum that you’re using then probably uh probably the debate or competition who when when you say there are people on stage who shouldn’t be running for president.

Who do you mean?

who do you mean well I don’t want to really use names but it wouldn’t matter too much a guy like uh I call him aah Hutchinson it’s ASA but I call him adaa

Why do you call him?..

You know I could tell you but I don’t want to get myself a little trouble but he’s weak and pathetic and
he was I never understood the guy never knew him he was the governor of Arkansas did not a very popular guy I don’t know
how he but that state is such a great state the people are so incredible yes in that state and they love me and I
love them, how does this guy get elected Governor of Arkansas but he’s nasty always and has been uh a guy like Chris
Christie a guy left with a 8% think of it 8% approval rating in New Jersey now he’s running for president and he runs
solely on the basis oh let’s get Trump let’s he’s like a Savage uh Maniac he’s
like a lunatic and that’s all he talks about his poll numbers are very very low he’s about 2% what’s he like you know
him well no I’ve had I’ve been friendly with him over the years but I couldn’t give him a job because I just never
trusted him very much uh I was just never one of his people that really
trusted him I never gave him the job and that’s one of the reasons he feels so hurt and so betrayed and I understand
that I really do I understand it but I never gave him you know he wanted to be different things he was looking at
different uh elements of the administration and we decided I decided just I didn’t want to I didn’t want to
do it and now I’m glad I did because you see but you know we had some some great people I had great people we’ll have
even better people if we do this cuz now I know Washington before I didn’t know Washington but guys like Bill bar were
terrible I mean they were I would say bushies uh I say that with respect to
the Bush family but they were bushies and uh just it doesn’t work out for us we it was clear this is kind of for a
field but it was just interesting I read Bar’s account of his time he wrote a book about it right uh his autobiography
and in it he lies about Jeffrey Epstein’s death clearly lies yeah do you
do you think Epstein killed himself sincerely I don’t know I I will say that you know he was a fixture in Palm Beach
yeah uh I don’t know what bar said about it either I have no idea what he said what did he say he killed himself
probably he said he killed himself and that they were going to do this investigation they never did the investigation it’s never been public and they hid it and like why are they doing
that and clearly bar knew but why would Bill bar be covering up the death of
Jeffrey Epstein Bill bar didn’t do investigation on the election fraud either okay he said he did and he
pretended he did but he didn’t uh main the US attorney and Pennsylvania
Philadelphia uh said bar bar just wouldn’t let him do it it was crazy bar
became so petrified so frightened of being impeached they’re going to impeach him I don’t know if you remember it it’s
not a big moment in history but they said we’re going to impeach you know they play a much rougher game the left
the lunatics and they were going to impeach Bill bar and he was petrified now how do you not get
impeached don’t do any of this stuff but he didn’t do the job there I don’t know what he did with Epstein but possibly he
didn’t do you think it’s possible that Epstein was killed oh sure it’s possible I I mean I don’t really believe I think
he probably uh committed suicide he had a life with you know beautiful homes and
beautiful everything and he uh all of a sudden he’s incarcerated and not doing
very well I would say that he did but there are those people there are many
people I think you’re one of them right but a lot of people think that he he was killed he knew a lot on a lot of people
he was killed I think I think the more the closer you look I’m not a conspiracy person at all I believe everything I
hear uh but yeah the the closer you look into it I mean the Attorney General of the United States your attorney general
clearly lied about the Epstein death yeah he why he was uh certainly it
wasn’t well done they had no cameras they had no anything everybody was sleeping in and you know there a case
could be made look I’m not going to get involved in it but I can tell you a case could be made either way but uh it
certainly wasn’t the most well-run place so so the reason I’m asking you is I’m looking at the trajectory since 2015
when you got into politics you know for real and then one uh there it started
with protests against you massive protest organized protest by the left and then it moved to impeachment twice
right and now IND I mean the next stage is is violence is are you worried that they’re going to try and kill you why wouldn’t they try
and kill you honestly uh they’re Savage animals they are people that are sick
really sick you have great people in the Democrat Party you have great people that are Democrats most of the people in
our country are fantastic and I’m representing everybody I’m not just Republicans or conserv I represent
everybody I’m the president of everybody but I’ve seen what they do I’ve seen the lengths that they go to when they make
up the Russia Russia to Russia when that’s exposed and they go down and bar should have gone after them and other
people should have gone after and they did very late because the Durham report came out it was fairly good it it could
have been a lot tougher I guess but it was fairly good but it explained how corrupt it was uh I’ll tell you who did
a great job was the Inspector General harwitz he did a phenomenal report you didn’t have to go to he did it on Comey
and on I guess mccab and some others and it was a vicious hard it was basically a
true report how bad they are but these people are sick people these are people
that uh I think they hate our country you want to know the truth when you see
open borders when you see these policies that they have and so many other things it’s so sad to see you we have a country
that’s very fragile right now I’ve never seen I I will say look uh I ran in 16
which was 15 but I ran in 16 election in 16 and there was tremendous Spirit uh in
20 there was even more Spirit we got many millions of we got millions and millions more votes you know it wasn’t
even a contest people said well what do you think of 20 I said we did much better we did you got to base it on the
number of votes we got many more votes in 20 than we did in 16 but the election
was rigged it was a rigged election but and with Co they used Co to cheat a lot of different things and we have so much
on it it’s like so easy but we had judges that didn’t want to look we had people didn’t want to get involved it
was say they could you he’s a conspiracy theorist if you say anything about the election but I have never seen Spirit
like there is right now even coming down here just the people on the road that are just absolutely going crazy and the
reason is I think they like me and I I know they love my policies I hope they like me too you know a lot of people say
they don’t like me but they like my I think they like me but I have never seen Spirit like it is right now and the
reason is because crooked Joe Biden is so bad he’s the worst president in the
history of our country I don’t think he’s going to make it to the gate but you know you never know but he’s a
corrupt person so corrupt that I took the name off Hillary you know I don’t do two people at one time I took the
Crooked Hillary and I made it I retired the N that was a good day for her I bet she was very happy and I used it for Joe
because it’s crooked Joe but Joe is really but you don’t think he’s going to make it to November of 2 well I think
he’s worse mentally than he is physically and physically he’s not exactly uh a triathlete or any kind of
an athlete you look at him he can’t walk to the helicopter he he walks he can’t lift his feet out of the
grass you know it’s only two inches at the White House right it’s not a lot but you watch him and it looks like he’s
walking on toothpicks and then you see him in the beach where he can’t lift a chair you know those chairs are meant to be light
right they’re like 2 oz lift them up he can’t lift theair chair he can’t walk to
the chair and I I don’t know what they’re doing with the beach you know this beach is seeming to play a big role but they love pictures of him on the
beach I think he looks terrible on the beach looks terrible on the beach skinny legs well he can’t walk through the sand
you know sand is not that easy to walk through but what he walks through he can’t walk through the sand and there’s somebody in there that thinks he looks
fabulous at the beach I think he looks horrible at the beach plus the beach doesn’t represent what a president’s
supposed to be doing you’re supposed to be working you’re supposed to be getting us out of that horrible horrible war
that we’re very much involved in with Russia and Ukraine you could do that you could do that very easily I believe you
could do that very I don’t believe he could do it because he’s just incompetent but that’s a war that should
end immediately not because of one side or the other because hundreds of thousands of people are being killed can
you imagine you’re in an apartment house and Rockets are going into that building and blowing it up and knocking it down
and who who can why why should anything why should anybody human beings these are human
whether they’re Russian or Ukrainian or whatever they are it’s got to be stopped and it can be stopped very easily she
would have never started if I were president it would have never started so
back to B I’m interested so you think he’s failing he obviously is failing I think it’s clear to everybody but that
would make KLA Harris the candidate well not really I mean I guess they’d have maybe a free-for all a lot of people say
she has to remain for certain reasons the candid dat she has to I don’t think
that’s true actually I don’t think that other people would stand for it uh she has some bad moments her moments are
almost as bad as his I think his are worse actually yeah but she seems pretty seal too she speaks in uh in rhyme you
know it’s weird it’s weird but she has bad moments and in rhyme what do you
well the way she talks the bus will go here and then the bus will go there because that’s what buses do and it’s
weird the whole thing is weird this is not a president of the United States future and uh I think they probably have
some kind of a primary and other people will get involved I’m Nome right I mean
could be could be I mean you know I always got along well with him believe it or not but could be him could be
somebody else he’s got a big a big load on his shoulders because you look at
California what’s happened but I don’t know if the American people really the people that vote for I don’t even know
if they care you know you look at so many of the things that are going on and
people don’t seem to be in the old days if you had a bad record it meant a lot today if you have a bad record it doesn’t really mean anything you know he
looks good he’s a nice looking guy speaks well but Biden every time you watch him
talking it’s like he’s walking on eggs you’re waiting for him to collapse and he almost always
does and I got to know the leaders of all of the countries essentially but the big ones and the bigger the tougher the
leader you know it’s like sort of I guess maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be but I got to know presiden CH of China and Putin and Kim Jong-un North
Korea did a great job with North Korea kept us out of a nuclear war we would have 40,000 dead soldiers right now they
drop a nuke right on top of the military base but we have 40,000 soldiers over there and I did great I got along with
them great it’s a good that’s a positive you know the Press he said nice things about Kim jungan I also said horrible
things at the beginning horrible enough that he wanted to talk and we talked and
we met in Singapore we met actually twice and we had uh unbelievable
meetings I know him very well we were in great shape with him uh the what do you think he and she and Putin think of
Biden I think they can’t believe it I think they probably say this is some kind of a system you know they had great
respect for our country they respected me they had great respect for our country when I was there every one of
them look uh if you go to if you go to North Korea you take a look at what
happened you know the Olympics was dead South Korea spent billions on the Olympics nobody was going to go they didn’t want to get blown up they called
me and they said we are going to let the Olympics proceed this is North Korea I
said you should go into the Olympics put your athletes in it wasn’t like you know they were big on athletes because you know famine but they went in and they
actually participated and within about 2 days the entire thing was sold
out and if it wasn’t me that would have never happened but I got along very well with him and that’s a positive thing he
he does have massive nuclear power by the way and if Hillary would have gotten in or if the Obama thought process
continued it would have been a nuclear war absolutely with North Korea he was he was expecting to go into a war and it
would have been a nuclear war what so do you think the rest of the world looks on at Biden and thinks
someone else has got to be running the government well somebody else has to be uh I don’t think he’s capable of doing
anything look when I debated him I said how come and this was in front of
probably not a friend of yours Chris Wallace he was the moderator not a friend I said why did why is it he wants
to be Mike but he doesn’t have the talent it’s one of those little man he wanted to be his father but he didn’t have the talent of his his father
was great his father little fussy man his father interviewed me in 60 minutes it was actually a 10 can you believe no
I told you his father had Talent at least I may have been the only guy that he gave a good 60 Minutes to he was
rough his father was tough he was great though he was great at what he did but uh Chris Wallace was so upset he was
guarding this guy who wouldn’t do a show by the way you know he wouldn’t do I figured I didn’t mind Chris Wallace
because uh he wouldn’t do Biden wouldn’t do a show and it was very obvious you know he kept asking him and asking but
he wouldn’t do the show so I figured he’s got to like me but he came from a different planet but remember when I
asked the question why is it that the mayor of moscow’s wife is allowed to give you $ three and A5 million dollar
don’t forget that was brought up now it’s brought up all the time but that was brought up by me long before anyone ever heard of it I said the mayor of
moscow’s wife given you $3.5 million what did you do to deserve three and5 million
do to Biden and Chris Wallace said this doesn’t uh this has nothing to do with
the debate I mean he he got in the way of the question no well it was it was crazy and I said well wait a minute he
got three and a half for the mayor of moscow’s wife now people forget that but if you go back and take a look you will
see and Chris Wallace didn’t want me to ask that question I said I think it’s a very appropriate question it turned out
to be much more appropriate than people thought amazing um so do do you have a
preference in assuming you’re the Republican nominee and all goes as you plan it to go do you have a preference
in who you run against uh in many ways I’d love to run against him because his
record so bad you know it’s still horrible when you look at inflation everything else but others also have
very bad records I mean California is a bad record so you know should it be Gavin or should it be somebody else when
I look at San Francisco what’s happened to that incredible city that was one of the greatest cities in the world just a
short while ago and now it’s very sad when you look at it Los Angeles every city practically all the
Democrat run cities you know Republican run cities are doing very nicely because because they arrest people when you have
crimes and they don’t go after political candidates because they think it’s good
you know I mean it’s like been amazing my poll numbers are the highest I’ve ever had but because people understand
can I just ask you that gets back to my original question so if the protest didn’t work you got elected anyway
impeachment didn’t work twice obviously um indictment is not working your poll
numbers go up when they rated Mara Lago in August of last year your numbers went up up um they can indict you 20 times
and it’s not going to you’re not going to lose the Republican primary because of that well it makes it look even more ridiculous I mean the four indictments
and maybe there’ll be more I don’t know these people are crazy but they’re counterproductive so if you chart it out
it’s an escalation is what I’m saying so what’s next after you know try to put you in prison for the rest of your life
that’s not working so like don’t they have to kill you now I I think the people of our country uh don’t get
enough credit for how smart there and I I’m not sure I would have said this 10 years ago but they get it you know they really
get it when somebody gets indicted your poll numbers go down when somebody gets indicted you announce uh ladies and
gentlemen I’ll be leaving to spend time with my family and to fight for the rest of my life on this stuff but you’re out
of politics I got indicted four times all trivia nonsense it’s all
it’s horrible when you look and and you look at what they’re doing uh
the boxes hoax I’m covered by the presidential records act I’m allowed to do exactly that he’s not covered and
he’s got 25 times the number of boxes and he’s got them stored in Chinatown
he’s got him stored in a flimsy garage underneath his Corvette uh at Penn and
by the way at Penny gets millions of dollars China pays this guy millions of dollars see I think he’s the most
corrupt president we’ve ever had and he also has the distinction of being the most incompetent and I believe both I
mean he’s both incompetent and corrupt I actually believe he’s compromised
because China knows so much about him they know where the money comes from they know where it is who paid it and
they probably paid it well they do pay pen and he gets a you know a million dollars I think he takes
$999,000 because you know keeps it a little bit under a million like by a dollar but he in many ways is a
Manchurian Candidate we have a Manchurian Candidate and he’s afraid to
tell Russia to get out of Cuba he he’s afraid to tell China to get out of Cuba he’s afraid China now is building think
of this China is building military installations in Cuba the Cuban population of Miami is
not too happy because they’re never going to be able to go back and you don’t even hear about it and the worst culprit is the press the media
because uh normally you know when I first heard that that China is building installations in Cuban and installations
means military installations okay you know they are just some communication did that on the islands with Japan they
took the island they started this massive construction and they told everybody including the Japanese -the
Japanese had to be very careful- they told everybody that this is a Housing Development they got to build a Housing
Development and I said how come the runway is 20,000 ft long you know private jets need 4,000 ft they don’t
need 20,000 ft the big ones need 20,000 ft they don’t even need 20 and I looked
at the runway I said that’s the largest Runway ever built both in width and
length for Housing Development there’s nobody that has a plane that big that uh
that you would have a Runway that that’s that’s CH allowed to conduct imperialism in our hemisphere
well yeah and it’s far beyond Cuba it’s all over South America yeah and the Caribbean so we built a thing called the
Panama Canal we lost 35,000 people to the mosquito you know malaria we lost
35,000 people building we lost 35,000 people because of the mosquito
vicious they had a build under Nets it was one of the true great wonders of the
world as he said one of the nine Wonders of the World no no it was one of the seven it was happened a little while ago
you know this nine wonders of the world you could make nine wonders he would have been better off if he stuck with the nine and just said yeah I think it’s
nine but this is one of the true seven wonders of the world and you take a look
at the Panama Canal it was such such an incredible engineering Marvel we sold it
under Jimmy Carter we sold it to Panama for $1 the following day they
quadrupled the amount of money the chips had to pay to get across they didn’t lose one ship and now they’ve made it
much bigger and now they’ve widened it they’ve doubled it right they’ve more than doubled it and it’s one of the most
profitable things any time it it’s it’s just incredible right we gave it away
for $1 China Now controls it they actually control the Panama Canal they run it they control it and we shouldn’t
let that happen and we can’t let China be in Cuba and they’ll get out if I’m
president they’ll get out because I had a very good relationship with President X but he respected this country he
respected me and he’ll get out and we can’t let them run the Panama Canal we
built the Panama Canal should have never been given to Panama we should have had it but we gave it for $1 think of it
they quadrupled in one day they lifted the fees which are you know pretty big
for these massive ships to go through right rather than going around the cape and through all the tremendous storms
such beauty such you know when you it’s beautiful stuff but you didn’t want to get caught in those storms those were
storms that wiped out the biggest ships and we go through the Panama Canal we built it and we gave it away for $1
think of that how stupid are we we have done the stupidest things in this country uh and now we have a president
that can’t put two sentences together can’t speak can’t walk can’t
talk I don’t think he gets to the Starting Gate but these people do Miracles I mean he he ran out of his
basement and you got away with that one because of Co so he sort of got away with it they cheated on the election but
you have people that are very smart but they’re fascists and they’re radical left lunatics and they’re destroying our country with the all electric cars and
the windmills all over the place which by by the way don’t work and they’re all most of made in China for the most part
they’re made in China Germany a little bit but China but you look at what’s happening to our country even no voter
ID I mean why don’t they want voter ID there’s only one reason they don’t want voter ID because they want to cheat who
doesn’t want you know the Democrat convention the last one they had voter ID that was this big it looked like a
prison card this big on their chest you walked in they had your picture your this your fingerprint they he everything
the most incredible voter Ida I’ve ever seen that was to get into the Democrat National Convention but to get into vote
if you buy groceries if you buy any practically anything now you have ID on
a card credit cards or otherwise and but that don’t you think it’s racist to have to show your ID well they probably say
that they they use anything not to show ID because so ID is pretty simple and we
could go back and we should go back to all paper ballots voter ID same day voting you know France did it France had
mail-in ballots and it was terrible anytime you have mail in ballots you’re going to have massive cheating on your
elections anytime not just the presidential election anytime you have isn’t that the whole point of them so
you can cheat oh yeah sure it’s their whole point that’s their whole point they want to cheat yeah they have to cheat because their policies are so bad
that if they didn’t cheat they couldn’t get elected who wants open borders who wants high taxes who wants High interest
rates who wants to not be able to use a gas stove or have to drive an electric car
which you know you have a 4-Hour drive but the car only goes an hour and a half you have to charge it the happiest moment for somebody in
an electric car is the first 10 minutes in other words you get it charged and now for 10 minutes the unhappiest part
is the next hour because you’re petrified that you’re not going to be F to another charger people I’m saying if
people I’m not knocking electric cars they’re fine they’re fine but if people want to buy a gasoline car or hybrid
hybrids are pretty good actually but they should be allowed to buy they don’t want to do any of this so right
now California’s in a big brown out because their grid is a disaster the
grid all over the country is sort of a disaster but the Grid in California and yet they want to have in a very short
period of time millions and millions of cars going off that grid essentially uh it doesn’t work so plug
your car into a grid that’s failing you should be able to buy an electric car you know electric cars could be fine if you drive short distances and you want
to have you know whatever and you have plugins every you go they could be fine
but you got to have gasoline cars you got to have everything let people buy everything now there’s the new thing is
your uh heating systems in the house they don’t want you to have a modern-day heating system they want you to use a
heating system that will cost you at least $10,000 to buy and won’t work very well you know none of the stuff works as
well one of the things I did with EPA is uh you have States many many states most
of the states have so much water you know come comes out of heaven right the water pours down and you have it it’s there it’s got to go wherever it goes
into the oceans whatever it’s not like a big problem now in some states they have a problem you know you have some desert
areas and all and for that it’s okay but they have uh sinks where no water comes
out you turn it on no water comes out no water comes out of the shower no water
is allowed to go into the washing machine for your dishes or for your clothing or what and I avoided all of
that wait they have sinks where no water comes out sure you have restrictors when I say no water very little water you
want to wash your hands right yeah and you turn you’ve seen this and you turn on the sink and it’s very
little or you want to wash your beautiful hair right and you’re standing
under a shower then the suds never go if the water comes out very slow I’m sure you’ve seen this it usually takes place
in new hotels and new homes yeah you take a drill and take the they have well you can but now they make it so you
can’t do that so easily they have a restrictor it’s called a restrictor and it restricts the water from coming out
so I ended all of that and you have to see these they they let the water come
out you know what people do they wash their hands like five times longer or in the washing machine they’ll press for
their let’s say the uh dishwasher they’ll press it then they’ll
press it about seven or eight times yeah they’ll end up using more water and it still won’t be very good I met with the
head of poool they were practically going out of business during my Administration and they said to me from
Ohio incredible great state I love Ohio and they were really doing badly because
people were dumping washing machines all over mostly from South Korea but also from China and he was explaining it’s uh
just a terrible situation I said let me ask you how’s the quality he says we’re better but they are good enough quality
but you know of course he’s going to say that but you know they are better he said but they don’t they don’t allow us
they’re dumping these machines they’re cutting us in half they’re killing us and on top of it the government won’t us
won’t let us use water in our machines I mean he shows me like a quarter of a bottle of water that’s supposed to be
washing clothing and I freed it all up and I put tariffs on these countries
that were selling and the machines coming into the country and that company went from a big the big all the washing
machine companies they make washing machines they make dryers they make all of the different machines that do this kind of work including dishwashers and
they went from a disaster area to being just thriving can I ask they love me in that part of Ohio well I bet they do but
why should EPA no one at EPA was elected by anybody yeah why do they have the power to decide how much water your
washing machine uses shouldn’t Congress in a democracy get to vote on that yeah you could say that uh they do things
that are not very so how do you con that’s my question how do you if you get elected again go back to Washington how
do you keep the agencies under control how do you keep FBI and CIA specifically under control the way you do it like I
fired Comey that was a big deal you know a lot of people said and I fired him very early somebody said oh I wish you would have fired him there’s a real
question about firing him anyway you understand because you know when they have a 10-year term there is a question
uh I fired Comey that was a great thing if I didn’t fire Comey maybe I wouldn’t be talking to you or I’d be talking to you about real estate or something else
other than politics right uh that was a coup in my opinion that was a very sick deal that was the insurance policy you
remember the insurance policy oh she’s going to win darling she’s going to win
but uh just in case she doesn’t we have an insurance policy an insurance policy was what they were doing and we caught
them with that that was a very important tweet or whatever it was text it was a big deal that was a big
deal the insurance policy she’s going to win 100 million to
one that’s not good odds at least they gave me one right 100 million to one won but just in case she doesn’t win we have
an insurance policy and everybody said that’s strange that’s strange but we
caught all that because I fired Ki because when I fired Ki it was like
throwing a rock into a hornet’s nest into a nest of bees and the place went
crazy so did when you were president do you are you confident that you knew everything say CIA was doing around no
I’m not I’m not it’s uh it’s a very interesting group of people I had very good relationships I thought but I was a
little surprised uh when I got out that you know things go on look it’s uh what
were you surprised by uh I I was surprised I think at some of the people I was surprised that there was I had a
group of people we killed many using the CIA I have to say this bad very bad
actors we were very good at it uh you look at salaman you look at Al bag Daddy
bigger than Osama Bin Laden I mean Osama Bin Laden but Al baghdaddy did Isis and he was rebuilding
Isis very strongly and that was the CIA that did that uh that was really us that did that that was really us that did
that and Soloman was us that did that not so much CIA but we did some very
good work with the CIA but I started you know when I looked at the 51 intelligence
agents uh saying that that was the laptop from hell was Russia disinformation when I took a look at
that I said that’s a horrible thing they knew it wasn’t they knew it was not and by the way you’re talking about cheating
on the election uh mlin and fio great pollsters they said a thing like that
plus other things meant anywhere from 10 to 177% of the vote would change whatever
happened to Mike Pence you’ve always been nice to Pence I’ve never heard you criticize Pence you’ve defended him in
public many many times he’s out there attacking you you um what is that so
Mike wants to run for president you got to understand in my opinion Mike Pence had the absolute right to send the votes
back to the legislators uh the Democrats and everybody said you don’t have the right
in other words what I said is he a human conveyor belt you mean if he finds fraud in Pennsylvania in Georgia in any of
these states Arizona he has to send him to Mitch McConnell right that’s right sir well if
he finds fraud he has to yes sir I said so he’s just so he’s a conveyor belt
boom put him in I said I don’t agree with that and we had some lawyers not all we had some lawyers that said no you
do have the right to send them back to the legislates to be rechecked because if you looked at what went on in
Wisconsin who by the way now agree with me Wisconsin has been virtually other than the fact they’re not allowed to do
anything statutorily but Wisconsin has been I mean what they found is incredible I
mean we won Wisconsin but Mike Pence had the right in my opinion to send him back have you
ever talk to him now I no I haven’t spoken to him in a long time uh I was very disappointed in I didn’t want to do
what Thomas Jefferson did Thomas Jefferson it was
Georgia and it was here ye here the great state of Georgia is not capable or allowed to tabulate their
votes and Thomas Jefferson who a president said is Georgia sure that they
cannot tabulate their votes Georgia is sure he didn’t send it back and have him
redo it he said we will keep the votes of the great state of Georgia for Thomas
Jefferson and his president I didn’t ask him for that could have done that too but I didn’t I thought that would be
termoil I asked him to send him back to his legislature to the legislature is you
know in Wisconsin let’s say but but why didn’t he I mean you you work together for four years you’re the president he’s
VP you’re you say you’re aligned on everything I think he got very bad advice I really do now let me tell you
what happened I sat there with a few people I think his lawyer was in the room too his
lawyer was very much against it there were other lawyers that felt you could do it it was it was one of those things
you probably I think you could have done it I think you can always do something if you see fraud or if you see s but
it’s very interesting so after the election was over the Rhinos got
together with the Democrats and they redid the election so you couldn’t do it anymore so then I
called the people I said so in other words you’re saying I was right you could do it yes you could do it in other
words they took the Voting Act and they redid it so the vice president no longer
has the power to do what I said he could do so when that happened I said wow so
and you know you’d look some of these Democrats in the eye and they say he has absolutely no right to do it and
immediately after the election they met rhinos could name them all and Democrats
and they approved legislation that takes away the right of the vice president to
do it so I said ah so you’re saying I was right the vice president did have
the right to do it and they said yes he did so if you’re saying they stole it from you last time why wouldn’t they do
the same this time oh well they’ll try they’re going to be trying yeah but and not not only me you know look uh Des
Sanctus is out I think he’s gono he was he was at a level he’s people have figured him out he’s gone but if
somebody else got in other than me they’ll go at him just as viciously as
they did me these people are sick they will go after them and a lot of people say they won’t be able to hold up I do
get credit for holding up quite well I must tell you I think it’s uh how do you do that how do you get indicted you know
every week and stay cheerful it’s um I think it it’s a lot easier because I’m
I’m so high in the polls because it means the people get it the people see
it’s a fraud the people see it like this horrible district
attorney from just a little while ago from essentially Atlanta it’s Fon
County she said basically I don’t have any right to challenge an election well
what about Stacy Abrams what about Hillary Clinton what about all of these Democrats that are still challenging my
election the same people that are saying he’s challenging an election challenge my election and they did it with slates
they did it with all sorts of things they were very bad very bad about it but basically they’re suing me and they’re
saying you don’t have any right to challenge and if you challenge an election we’re going to indict you and put you in jail so what they’re doing is
they’re really they’ve weaponized and and don’t kid yourself the the doj and Biden and the whole group they’re
watching all of the stuff they love the local stuff you know the da in Manhattan not only that they put a one of the doj
top people into the Manhattan DA’s office to run thing they don’t even have
a case against me it’s not even a case everyone says even the Democrats say you can’t bring these cases you have no case
the attorney general or the uh district attorney Fanny Fanny Willis
in Atlanta she’s getting killed basically she’s saying Trump doesn’t have the right
to uh to criticize an election but you’ve been around long enough now
you’ve seen many elections criticized I mean Hillary Clinton goes crazy every time she talks she says he’s not the
President Jimmy Carter said he’s not the president well I am the President Hillary Clinton called me by the way 3:2
in the morning to congratulate me the night of the election did her voice
crack well voice was it’s very different I will say I won’t get into that but what do you mean her voice was very
different uh don’t forget they were all celebrating at 5:00 in the afternoon and I came home and I said you know I think
we won I felt we won because the rallies are so big you know we’d have we go to Wisconsin and we’d go to uh Georgia we
go to different states and Michigan we’d have rallies in Pennsylvania we had 58,000 people in Butler and I said you
know how are we losing this do you have a rally where you have from 50 to 100,000 people many of them you know I
did seven a day for a couple of days that’s a lot that’s a lot these are Big rallies too and I didn’t hold back I
didn’t say let’s make them little let’s do abbreviations right but um but they
challenged the stuff Hillary called called me up and conceited now the word is that b Obama said you have to do that
but she called up and totally conceited but now you know every time you see her on television she’s saying like
well she’s challenging the election do do you think so that would mean that she should be indicted but that would mean
also that Stacy Abrams in Georgia should be indicted because she still thinks she won the election for governor she still
thinks that she’s never recanted and I do you think Stacy Abrams will be indicted for that no of course
not you won’t be the Democrats don’t get indicted for things like that they don’t get impeached no it’s it’s a different
thing with that being said yes I had great support when they did impeachment hooks number one and impeachment hooks
number two uh Jim Jordan the house was fantastic and actually the Senate was
very good for me other than you know Mitch McConnell I think if he had it’s too bad I endorsed him he was begging he
was going to lose that race and I endorsed him and he ended up winning the race because of my he was down he was
going to lose to Amy McGrath she $90 million in cash all set to go she was
leading by three he was going down I did him a favor and then three four months later he really wanted to impeach me uh
he’s a bad guy but but uh if you look at what’s going on politically so
interesting the level of loyalty is different in politics than it is in
normal life I will say with that being said I’ve had great loyalty also but uh
the house was fantastic the Senate was very good you know they overrode Mitch McConnell Mitch McConnell in my opinion
was trying to get Senators to impeach me especially for the second one and on the
first one he acted very very slow he should have gone much faster but Mitch McConnell wanted to and the Senators
went up them guys that are subservient to him because he gives money you know he gives him money he gives him a lot of
money he raises some money and he gives it to him and therefore they do what he said that’s the only form of leadership he’s got so last question if you’re
elected president again what’s your top your number one priority when you ran last time you said I will build a wall
this time you’re bottom line top promise to the country so you can do numerous things at the same time of course but
let’s say number one is a border and taking hundreds of thousands
of criminals that have been allowed into our country and getting them out and bringing them back to their country
Guatemala by the way not only the four countries that we think of as neighbors
all over the world last month we had 149 countries represented think of it we had
149 countries represented Tucker from from places that many people never even
heard of coming into our country and they’re coming in from mental institutions and they’re coming in from
prisons they’re emptying out their prisons all over South America they’re emptying out their mental institutions
terrorists are pouring into our country we have no idea I had the strongest Border in the history of our country and
I built almost 500 miles of wall you know they like to say oh was it less no
I built 500 miles in fact if you check with the authorities on the border we built almost 500 mil of wall and I had
another 200 that I was going to build you know it’s like water it seeks and
we’re going to build another 200 we built it it was all set to go all they had to do is install it it would have taken 3 weeks and that’s when I found
out I said I think these people actually want open borders um the first thing I would do would be uh I would seal up the
Border good and tight except for people that want to come in Legally do you think we’re moving towards Civil
War there’s tremendous passion and there’s tremendous love uh you know January 6 was a very
interesting day because they don’t report it properly um I believe it was the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken
before and you know some of the crowds I’ve spoken before and like July 4th on the mall uh I think they had a million
people there uh but I think that the biggest crowd I’ve ever spoken before was on January 6 and people that were in
that crowd a very very small group of people and we said patriotically and
peacefully peacefully and patriotically right nobody ever says that go peacefully and patriotically but people
that were in that crowd that day very small group of people went down there and then you there are a lot of a lot of
scenarios that we can talk about but people in that crowd said it was the
most beautiful day they’ve ever experienced there was love in that there was love and
Unity I have never seen such spirit and such passion and such love and I’ve also never seen simultaneously and from the same people such hatred of what they’ve done to our country

Tucker: So, do you think it’s possible that there’s open conflict?

Trump: We seem to be moving towards something. I don’t know… I don’t know, because I don’t know what it. You know I can say this: there’s a level of passion that I’ve never seen there’s a level of hatred that I’ve never seen and that’s probably a bad combination.

Donald Trump thank you, thank you very much, very much thank you …

That is a bad combination bad combination

Thank you.

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