Cold for the holidays: Blast of frigid, Arctic air to affect most of U.S.

Dangerous blizzard will hit Midwest and the Great Lakes
An extremely dangerous Arctic blast will over the next several days
– Dangerous Arctic Outbreak To Impact Much Of The Lower 48
– An extremely dangerous Arctic blast will impact much of the Lower 48 over the next several days with frigid temperatures and life-threatening wind chills.
– Wind chill warnings, watches and advisories currently extend from the Interior Northwest and Northern Rockies to the Gulf Coast States.
– In addition to the Arctic surge, a winter storm will develop on Thursday and produce a swath of heavy snow.

Dangerous, snowy road conditions. (Getty Images)
Dangerous, snowy road conditions. (Getty Images)

Frigid temperatures to grip U.S.

Extremely cold arctic air is expected to plunge southward and impact much of the country through Hanukkah and into the week of Christmas, December 22–26, according to NOAA forecasters.

Temperatures 40 degrees below average and dangerous life-threatening wind chills as low as 50 degrees below zero are possible in the northern Rockies and northern Plains. Sub-zero to single-digit temperatures are likely across the central Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and Midsouth.

Well below freezing temperatures will extend into the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and as far south as the Gulf Coast through the holiday weekend. Based on National Weather Service forecasts, every state in the continental U.S. will experience temperatures below 20 degrees on Christmas Eve.

Major blizzard to impact holiday travel

Treacherous winter conditions associated with a strong winter storm will pose challenges for some holiday travelers. Heavy snowfall and strong winds are expected from the Plains and Midwest into the Great Lakes Wednesday night, December 21, into Saturday, December 24.

The combination of snow and wind is likely to lead to blizzard conditions in some areas, making travel dangerous, and at times, impossible. Rapid and significant temperature decreases associated with this system raises the potential for the flash freezing of bridges and roadways. The intensity of the cold would pose a significant danger to anyone who becomes stranded in blizzard conditions. A series of systems moving onshore in the Pacific Northwest will lead to several rounds of heavy precipitation this holiday weekend.

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