A Catholic College Just Gave Its First Ethics Award To A Pro-Abortion Journalist

Yamiche Alcindor at the Duquesne University Aware for Ethics and integrity in JournalismYamiche Alcindor emphasized advocacy for ‘vulnerable populations’ but avoided saying if babies in the womb deserve legal protection.

President Joe Biden falsely claimed the Catholic Church is less strict on abortion than Republican members of Congress

The Catholic church itself has become woke and now allows abortion! No wonder people are leaving the church, under this woke pope globalism is his goal and has destroyed tenets that have been in effect since the Church origin!

Pope Francis Ushers In Radical Environmentalism Under The Guise Of ‘Catholic Teaching’

Pope Francis on cover of booklet in church pewWeaving together quasi-scientific references and Christological language, the Vatican ushers in political transformation outside of democratic procedures.