Here’s How Democrats Broke Congress And How Republicans Can Fix It

Capitol dome with flag wavingThe rules of the House should reflect the will of the political majority — not whatever deal a Republican speaker can cut with Democrats.

Clarence Thomas’s Duty Is To The Constitution, Not A Constituency Of Black Men

Supreme Court Justice Clarence ThomasIf you listen to corporate media, you’d think Clarence Thomas is a dark-skinned white supremacist. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Atlanta’s New Hungarian ‘Freedom Fighter’ Statue Is A Tribute To The Fight Against Tyranny

freedom fighter statue of woman holding a gun in a parkThe new statue in Georgia will be a reminder that rejecting tradition, history, and national identity in favor of utopia costs lives.

GOP Wins Legal Challenge Against Restrictions On North Carolina Poll Watchers

michigan polling placeA Wake County judge ruled Thursday in favor of the Republican National Committee (RNC) against the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) and its unlawful restrictions on partisan poll watchers.  Back in September, the RNC and the North Carolina GOP sued the NCBOE for its illegal regulations restricting party observers. Such restrictions prevent the […]

Federal Court Deals Major Blow To Big Tech And Sets Up SCOTUS To Restore Free Speech

big tech icons on a phone screenSupreme Court review of these laws will prove a victory for conservatism, as the originalist majority can cast aside evolving standards and return to the roots of the First Amendment.

Labor Day Is A Celebration Of American Exceptionalism, Job Creators, And Hard Workers

American flagLabor Day should be recognized as the holiday that celebrates not only labor, but also the ideas, job creators, and institutions central to the flourishing of the United States and its people.

Pope Francis Ushers In Radical Environmentalism Under The Guise Of ‘Catholic Teaching’

Pope Francis on cover of booklet in church pewWeaving together quasi-scientific references and Christological language, the Vatican ushers in political transformation outside of democratic procedures.