Report: Go To Church You Heathen

By: | CHURCH · Aug 15, 2021

The Christian Church in Cuba, 2021. Photo: LinCu Archives
The Christian Church in Cuba, 2021. Photo: LinCu Archives

WORLD – According to a breaking news report, you should go to church, you insolent heathen. The report, released this morning, which is Sunday, the day people go to church, indicated that you are still at home playing on your smartphone instead of getting your family ready to go mingle with a bunch of weirdos, eat some stale donuts, and enter the presence of the Almighty God to worship Him and learn from His Word. “The data is clear, and the science has spoken,” said one expert who helped run the study underlying the report. “You are not at church, and it is the Lord’s Day, and you should be at church. Therefore, if you want to follow the data, you need to get your butt out of bed right now and get your family ready to worship Jesus.” Well, folks, looks like the science is settled: go to church!

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