Thanks To Radical Environmentalists, Not Even A ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Can Fix California’s Drought

In reply to <a href="">Victoria Chandler</a>. I often wonder how much longer California residents will put up with Democrats running the state, but I think the cultural currents are so strong, that nothing can break their supermajorities come election time.

Thanks To Radical Environmentalists, Not Even A ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Can Fix California’s Drought

I have lived in California my entire life. The slow degradation of living standards and the quick trajectory of the cost of living here are really the two bookends of a modern tragedy. This state is completely run by illogical, immature and ridiculous people who are completely devoid of humility. We continue to suffer through horrible wildfires summer after summer because our forests are not maintained, and we suffer through endless droughts year after year because the same nudnicks who claim to be 'protecting' the forests are preventing the construction of water storage systems, so any rainfall we are fortunate enough to get goes right down our ancient storm control channels into the Pacific Ocean. Drive through many of the suburban neighborhoods and you will see thousands of dollars of landscaping dying off every summer because these plants cannot get adequate water to sustain them. The same with our local foothills. These policies are courtesy the same people decrying 'climate change', not realizing that dead vegetation does not absorb CO2, and instead will simply become fuel for the next wildfire. It's an endless cycle of insanity.

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The FBI is trying to spin the ‘Twitter Files’ revelations of their election-meddling as normal procedure. That makes it look even worse.

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